Monday 30 November
08:30Light breakfast
09:30The functional biology of human milk oligosaccharidesProfessor Lars Bode, University of California, USA
10:30The origins of mitochondriaProfessor Buzz Baum, University College London
12:00Treating fungal infections in neonatal unitsProfessor Paolo Manzoni, Sant’Anna Hospital, Turin
14:00Hepcidin and the iron-infection axis in infancyProfessor Andrew Prentice, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
15:00Calcium, phosphorous and bone metabolism in the newbornProfessor Christopher Kovacs, Memorial University of Newfoundland
16:30Combating the global burden of multi-drug antibiotic resistanceProfessor Mike Sharland, St George’s Hospital London
17:30Welcome reception
Tuesday 1 December
08:30Light breakfast
09:00Breast milk and Group B streptococcal infectionProfessor Beate Kampmann, Imperial College London
10:00The positive and negative consequences of stressorsProfessor Pat Monaghan, University of Glasgow
11:30Congenital and acquired bleeding disorders in infancyDr Paula Bolton-Maggs, Manchester Royal Infirmary
13:30Understanding neonatal ventilatorsProfessor Peter Rimensberger, University Hospital of Geneva
14:30Restoring the infant microbiome to healthProfessor Maria Dominguez-Bello, New York University School of Medicine
Should medical journalism be society’s conscience?Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor-in-Chief, British Medical Journal
17:00End of day
Wednesday 2 December
08:30Light breakfast
09:00Newborn organ bioengineeringMr Paolo de Coppi, Institute of Child Health
10:00Young Investigator Award Presentations
11:30How to deal with deaths and other perplexing issues in neonatal trial analysesDr Edmund Juszczak, University of Oxford
13:30What is life-course epidemiology?Professor Marjo-Ritta Jarvelin, Imperial College London
14:30Iodine supplementation in preterm infantsDr Fiona Williams, University of Dundee
16:00Identifying and treating placental failureProfessor Colin Sibley, University of Manchester
17:00End of day
Thursday 3 December
08:30Light breakfast
09:00 Necrotising enterocolitis: epidemiology and practical clinical considerationsProfessor Neena Modi, Imperial College London
10:00Preventing and treating food allergyProfessor Gideon Lack, King’s College London
11:30Guidance on investigating and managing neonatal Transient Abnormal Myelopoiesis in trisomy 21Professor Irene Roberts, University of Oxford
13:30Case histories of the Chelsea & Westminster Neonatal Unit
An infant with reduced fetal movements, a double bubble, and a normal karyotypeDr Sabita Uthaya, Imperial College London
14:30Frenotomy and breast-feedingProfessor Alan Emond, University of Bristol
16:00The opportunities and challenges of pragmatic randomised trials using routinely recorded electronic health dataProfessor Tjeerd van Staa, University of Manchester
17:00End of day
Friday 4 December
08:30Light breakfast
09:00Perinatal mental health: what every neonatologist should know Professor Louise Howard, Kings College London
10:00The natural history of preterm patent ductus arteriosusProfessor Pascal Boileau, Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal, Poissy, France
11:00The potential risks and benefits of insulin treatment in hyperglycaemic preterm neonatesDr Colin Morgan, Liverpool Women’s Hospital
12:00Lunch and end of meeting