Confirmed Speakers
Advancing enteral feeds in preterm babies: results from recent trialsProfessor Jon Dorling, University of Nottingham
The biological substrate of neural plasticityProfessor David Rowitch, University of Cambridge
Melatonin and the newborn brainProfessor Olivier Baud, Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris, France
An emerging evidence-base for the management of neonatal hypoglycaemiaProfessor Jane Harding, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Sildenafil, pulmonary hypertension and bronchopulmonary dysplasiaProfessor Robert Tulloh, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
“A child of one’s own”: a story of parentingProfessor Rachel Bowlby, University College London
Neonatal Organ DonationDr Joanna Wright, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
What’s new in respiratory virus research?Professor Peter Openshaw, Imperial College London
The use of antenatal steroids in pregnancy: too much, too little, or in the wrong place?Dr Sarah Stock, The Queen’s Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh
Managing the neonate with bilious vomitingMr David Burge, University Hospital Southampton
Does breast feeding really protect against obesity?Professor Kim Michaelsen, University of Copenhagen
Mining the microbiome for novel therapeutic agentsDr Julian Marchesi, Imperial College London
Best practice critical cardiac care in the neonatal unitProfessor Michael Rigby, Royal Brompton Hospital
Growing global public confidence in vaccinesDr Heidi Larson, London School of Hygene and Tropical Medicine
Opportunistic, risk-based, or universal: choosing an appropriate screening strategy for Group B Strep in pregnancyProfessor Paul Heath, St George’s Hospital, London
Pre-eclampsiaProfessor Christianne de Groot, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam
The effect of anaesthesia on the infant brainProfessor Andrew Davidson, Royal Hospital for Children, Melbourne
Top teaching tips: breaking bad newsProfessor Neil Marlow, University College London
The management of neonatal acute and chronic renal failureDr Malcolm Coutlhard, Newcastle University Hospitals Trust
The David Harvey Memorial Lecture will be:Professor Lucilla Poston
Maternal nutrition and the newbornProfessor Lucilla Poston, Kings College London