Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound has offered lectures delivered by world-renowned experts, for the last 15 years. This course is extremely popular with neonatologists, radiologists, paediatricians and other specialists.

This year, the three-day course takes place online, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2021. It is divided into:

Day 1: Basics: (Monday 1st November) — Aimed at those starting out on their neonatal imaging career. The content will cover all aspects of neonatal cranial imaging at a basic level. It will also serve as a solid foundation for delegates following the Advanced course.

Day 2 & 3: Advanced: (Tuesday 2nd – 3rd November) — An update in diagnostic and prognostic practice for clinicians with some experience of neonatal cranial ultrasound.

Registration (online attendance)

Day 1: Basics (Monday 1st November) £150

Day 2 & 3: Advanced (2nd and 3rd November) £277

Day 1, 2 &3: Basics and Advanced (1st—3rd November) £380

The programmes can be downloaded here:
Programme NCU – Basics 2021 Final

Programme NCU – Advanced 2021 Final

Programme NCU – Basics 2021 Final: Monday 1st November 2021

  • Basic and normal anatomy
  • Use of the ultrasound machine and understanding of the function of the controls and probes
  • Cranial ultrasound in the term infant admitted with early neurological symptoms – HIE and stroke
  • Ultrasound imaging of preterm brain injury   
  • Term infants with later seizure onset/less acute problems  
  • Doppler blood velocity measurements  

Programme NCU – Advanced 2021 Final: Tuesday 2nd — Wednesday 3rd November 2021

  • Ultrasound imaging of brain maturation: normal findings versus pathological changes
  • The neonatal cerebellum: normal development and injury
  • Preterm: haemorrhage, PHVD and outcome
  • Doppler measurements of CBFV: how to do and when to use  
  • Preterm: White matter injury  
  • How to perform ultrasound measurements
  • Metabolic disease, tumours and neurocutaneous disorders 
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • MRI in neonatal brain imaging
  • Assessing asphyxial damage in the term infant
  • Term Focal lesions
  • Sinus venous thrombosis and associated lesions  
  • Infections 
  • Protocols for imaging preterm infants of different gestational ages, term
  • infants with HIE, seizures, dysmorphisms, floppiness  

*All topics and speakers are subject to change

This year we will be running the course as a hybrid, with a limited number of places physically in attendance at our west London venue and also online virtually.

Day 1: Basics  — This one-day course of illustrated lectures is aimed at those starting out on their neonatal imaging career. The content will cover all aspects of neonatal cranial imaging at a basic level. It will also serve as a great foundation for those also following the Advanced course.

Day 2 & 3: Advanced  — These two days of illustrated lectures cover a wide range of problems seen on neonatal brain ultrasound examinations.  It is designed for clinicians with some experience of neonatal cranial ultrasound, who want to be updated on what can be achieved with cranial ultrasound, in terms of diagnosis and prognosis.


If the physical event cannot go ahead due to extended Covid-19 restrictions, or force majeur, we will provide online access to all who have registered for physical attendance and refund the cost difference between physical and virtual registration.

We take no liability for delegates wishing to travel to the UK to attend the conference in person. We recommend that you refer to respective governments’ website on travel restrictions. If costs are incurred, we do not refund any delegates’ travel, Covid testing, or accommodation costs.

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