Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound has offered lectures delivered by world-renowned experts, for more than 15 years. This course is extremely popular with neonatologists, radiologists, paediatricians and other specialists.

This year, the three-day course takes place in person at the W12 Conference centre, on the 1st – 3rd October 2024 and is divided into:

Day 1: Basics: (Tuesday 1st October) — Aimed at those starting out on their neonatal imaging career. The content will cover all aspects of neonatal cranial imaging at a basic level. It will also serve as a solid foundation for delegates following the Advanced course.

Day 2 & 3: Advanced: (Wednesday 2nd October and Thursday 3rd October) —  An update in diagnostic and prognostic practice for clinicians with some experience of neonatal cranial ultrasound.


Delegates have the opportunity to sign up to a  hands-on point of care simulation-based ultrasound experience. At the additional fee of £40

This will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October in the afternoon sessions. These sessions will be done in small groups and will be workshops.

There will be 5 simulator topics that will be covered:

–  Normal anatomy / structure
–  Intraventricular hemorrhage and PVL (preterm white matter injury)
–  Ventricular measurements and PHVD / drainage
–  Cerebellum / posterior fossa
–  Miscellaneous (malformations, calcium, vascular)

The simulation workshops will be run by Dr Lara Leijser, Dr Gerda van Wezel-Meijler, Dr Sylke Steggerda, Prof Linda de Vries, Dr Annemarie Plaisier, Prof Frances Cowan


Day 1: Basics (Tuesday, 1st October) – £230

Day 2 & 3: Advanced (Wednesday 2nd  and Thursday 3rd October) – £440

Day 1, 2 & 3: Basics and Advanced (1 – 2 – 3 October) – £650

Workshop – hands-on point of care simulation – £40

4th Jul - 5th Jul 2024

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