This is a comprehensive foundation course for O&G trainees and specialist midwife sonographers. It is ideal for anyone who is starting out on their scanning career and working towards their RCOG qualification. It will cover the theoretical elements of the two compulsory RCOG Basic Ultrasound Modules via a series of lectures from the experienced and highly qualified obstetrics team at QCCH and St Mary’s Hospital, London. It will also give a useful introduction to the intermediate modules.

Theory day – Thursday 10th December 2020, only: £125

Practical day (Ultrasound simulation training) Limited Availability,  please email to be added to the waiting list.

Registration  fees: Theory Day only – £125, Theory & Practical Day – £350 (Limited Availability) 

(Trainees based at either QCCH or St Mary’s, London may register at internal rates of £100/£325)

Please note that you will need to have completed the Theory day to attend the Practical

Thursday 10 December 2020 – Theory Day

Session I – Chair: Miss Bryony Jones

09:30  Introduction: What you are going to learn and why? Prof. Christoph Lees

09:35  What the RCOG modules require, Miss Bryony Jones

09:45  How ultrasound works and safety, Dr Colin Deane

10:15  Databases, documentation and communication, Miss Bryony Jones

10:45  Setting up the machine for scanning: TV and TA ultrasound; knobs, functions and probes, Dr Suzanne Beattie-Jones

11:15  Break

Session II – Chair: Prof. Tom Bourne

11:45  Scanning the normal early intra-uterine pregnancy up to 12 weeks, measuring embryonic structures and CRL, Dr Harsha Shah

12:15  Diagnosing miscarriage, Dr Karen Grewal

12:40  Presentation of Case Studies, Dr Chris Kyriacou

13:00  Lunch Break

Session III– Chair: Prof. Christoph Lees

13:45  Biometry, amniotic fluid and the placenta, Gowrishankar Paramasivam           

14:15  The Anomaly Scan: FASP criteria, Dr Jonathan Lai

14:45  Multiple pregnancies: what to look out for, Miss Chrissie Yu

15:15  Break

Session IV– Chair: Prof. Christoph Lees

15:30  Fetal growth and assessment in the 3rd trimester, Prof Christoph Lee

16:00  Post course test and picture quiz 

16:30  End of Day

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